Kojic Acid Soap: The Magic Ingredient For Your Skin, You Might Not Know

Have you ever wondered how those high-end celebrities and paparazzi-surrounded media personalities get to maintain that perfect ageless radiance and glow? Their skin seems to be glowing like that of a teenager with barely any aging spots visible nor do they have any marks of skin dampening or darkening. Well, kudos to their styling and branding team for one! Kojic Acid is a magic ingredient for your skin that has multiple benefits

Why is it a Magic Ingredient?

The idea of a range of products on the shelf and the endorser’s commitment towards the benefits of such products might leave the audience in the awe of indecisiveness, but there is much more to this. Today, we’ll be taking a look at what goes on behind the scenes, and what is that potential “magic ingredient” that really does the job. In that, we will also uncover the hard truth about a skincare routine, and finally take a peek into some of the underscored benefits of such a “magic ingredient”.

Kicking it off on a lighter note – we know that wine is believed to have healing properties among other health benefits! Not to forget, a glass or two in addition to your basic wine appetite might even take a full swing into that light mood. But what good can wine do for your skin? If you’ve already heard the “Wine helps me look younger” well, let me clear the air – it does much more than just that. And not just any wine, a wine of a certain cader and class, with its derivative properties straight from nature’s basket of health benefits.

The Japanese rice wine or Sake as popularly known by its vivid lovers, in the process of its fermentation of malting rice – breathes out a by-product called Kojic Acid. A chelation agent which is produced by several species of fungi, with a key driver as the Aspergillus Oryzae – known as “Koji” in the common language of Japanese is what eventually takes form in what we know as the “Kojic Acid”.

Importance of Kojic Acid on Your Skin

It is without debate widely accepted fundamental that of the 5 senses that we have – our skin possibly is the most exposed and that makes it more vulnerable to getting deteriorated over the course of time and wear & tear. It is for this reason that it becomes more pivotal for us all to remain critical about taking care of our skin on a regular basis. Building on the back of this – Kojic acid comes into the picture! 

This might seem a tad-bit simple but there is a complete science behind it, in that one needs to pay additional heed to the usage, concentration of use, manner of usage, and even the pre as well as post-usage routine. Outlining some of the many benefits of Kojic acid here are a few key pointers:

  • Skin Lightening Agent – Kojic acid has proven to have significant effects on lightening the skin tone and reviving that baby-like shine to the skin
  • Antifungal – antibacterial effects – in the medical effects, kojic acid proves to be a boon for many with its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, helping to keep infections far.
  • Treatment of Melasma – skin darkening or melasma is a condition that is quite prevalent among many of us. Kojic acid acts on it and prevents it from grassroots development.
  • Anti Aging – is one of the side effects of using Kojic Acid. With regular use of the agent, one maintains that ever radiance and glow of the skin.

While it is available in many forms to use from and the market is overwhelming with the wide range of cosmetic products boasting kojic acid as their ingredient, Kojic acid soap is an all-time favorite among users. Used for hyperpigmentation, the kojic acid soap is advised to be applied on wet skin – softly massaging throughout the whole skin, especially on the most affected parts of your skin. Among others, Sodium hydroxide, glycerine, glucose, aqua, and xanthan gum, Cocos Nucifera oil, and mineral oil are some of the ingredients that enhance the effects of kojic acid in the formulated soap form.

Applying kojic acid directly on the skin is a big NO! As it may lead to skin burns similar to sunburn. This is because Kojic Acid reduces melanin production in the skin, melanin is an active agent in preventing UV rays from harming the skin. This puts even more importance on using Kojic acid in its formulated form which is both regulated as well as comes with additional agents with a surrounding effect such as the mineral oil which provides all-around protection and nourishment from nature’s basket of minerals.

As a closing note, it is critical to note that independently kojic acid might do more harm than be of benefit the skin – this is why it is best prescribed and advised to be used in the formulated/regulated form – as most prefer using it in the soap form.

Skinluent Kojic Acid Soap

What is it and how does it work?

This specially formulated product from Skinluent is another feather in the cap for the team! Brought to the market specifically to counter those dark spots and hyperpigmentation, the Skinluent kojic acid soap also helps even the skin tone with its strong formula. Kojic Acid in general is known for its skin-healing properties and it even acts against infectious viruses and bacteria that might cause harm to the skin. However, the expectations for the use of the soap are something that when set right shall deliver on it! It may take a while for the Kojic acid soap to begin showing its results but with consistent use, it certainly reduces pigmentation and bring back the sparking radiant skin.

The benefits!

A few of the promising benefits of pure kojic acid soap are:

  • The active ingredients are Kojic acid, Tea tree oil, coconut oil, and orange extracts
  • Drying agent for acne and pimples
  • Work towards reducing the appearance of age spots, dark inner thighs, and dark patches over buttocks, knees, or elbows.
  • Reducing the appearance of melasma
  • Contains 99.9% natural ingredients and is completely vegan.
  • Little over 90% of customers who used the kojic acid soap for dark skin reported satisfactory results in just 2 weeks.

All while making the skin smoother, brighter, and glowing.

Koji White Kojic Acid & Papaya Skin Brightening Soap

Now say goodbye to imperfections – the Koji white Kojic acid and papaya skin brightening soap is here for you to save the day. With its natural extracts of papaya and kojic acid – the soap is a promising addition to your cosmetic skincare routine. The strong skin-brightening formula acts on cell regeneration to provide a youthful, firm, and well-nourished skin tone. The Papaya extracts in the soap work very well on all skin types with just regular routine use of 3-5 times per week. In one of the leading reviews, a verified buyer confirmed to have used the soap for a little over 3 weeks and found her dark spots completely wiped out from the root itself. With a soothing essence and natural whitening active agent – the Koji white soap has a serious fan base already.

The benefits!

Kojic acid acts as a strong agent in skin replenishment. The koji white soap has just the right volume of kojic acid which does the job of you nourishing your skin.

For those of you who have acne-prone skin – worry not, kojic acid has healing properties and is significant in the use of acne treatment as well.

Value for money addition to your kitty. The soap isn’t expensive and comes at a nominal range offering extra nominal benefits.

Kojie San Orange Whitening Soap

Comes with an effective blend of whitening ingredients with nourishing coconut oil and a fresh orange fragrance, the Kojie San Orange whitening soap is a treat for orange lovers and a blessing in disguise for smooth, evenly-toned skin seekers. The extracts of this soap naturally derived and blended in the right amounts – offer a wide array of skin benefits. Popularly known for its antioxidants and skin whitening properties, the kojic acid soap is well suited for all skin types old or new since it thoroughly washes away impurities and moisturizes the skin. Originally extracted from the rice wine of Japan, Kojic acid is an active ingredient in the soap and is also known in the circle for acne-healing properties. This makes the soap an even better choice than the regular chemical products out there. A quick peek into the directions to use the product throw light on its ease of use – by gently massaging it all over your skin (face and body, both) – the lather foam of the soap exfoliates the skin and leaves behind a nourished – glowy skin.

It is advised to discontinue the use of the product if allergies kick in and one begins to experience rash, itchiness, or redness.