Best Hydroquinone Cream for Skin Bleaching & Uneven Skin Tone

Stubborn dark spots and blemishes irritating your skin? There is nothing to worry about as you can easily get rid of them using hydroquinone cream. With the several options available in the market, you can choose solutions that are most suitable for your skin. Say goodbye to these miscreants and hello to flawless and clear skin.

Let us take a better and deeper look into what hydroquinone is. And more importantly, let us see how hydroquinone cream can give you clear and smooth skin.

Hydroquinone is a chemical often used to treat skin problems related to pigmentation. It is a skin-lightening agent that bleaches the skin and can be used for different hyperpigmentation forms.

Though there have been debates regarding hydroquinone safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognized it as a safe and effective medication.

Hydroquinone has proved to be effective in treating or lightening darkened portions of skin including freckles, age spots, chloasma, and melasma caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone medicine, or injury to the skin.  

However, later studies and research found out that hydroquinone creams and products often contained mercury traces, which acted as a contaminant. This was found to be responsible for various adverse effects that were often seen in users.

Nowadays, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made laws to ensure that hydroquinone medications could only be sold over the counter in 2 percent & 4 percent concentrations.

Why Hydroquinone is an active ingredient in Skin Bleaching?

Hydroquinone is one of the most used ingredients used in skin lightening products sold in the U.S. Hydroquinone acts on the melanocytes in the skin. Melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin, responsible for your skin tone. Hydroquinone bleaches the skin by reducing the number of melanocytes present in the skin.

In cases of hyperpigmentation, the melanin concentration of the skin increases, thus giving a dark tone. Hydroquinone reduces the number of melanocytes in the skin and controls melanin production. As a result, your skin becomes evenly toned and glows.

On average, four weeks is usually needed for the ingredients to affect your skin. However, it might take several months for the full effect and the desired skin tone and reduced blemishes and spots.

Apply hydroquinone only on the affected area and make sure to clean the skin thoroughly before applying it. It can have side effects on normal, unaffected skin.

It is recommended to visit a doctor or a dermatologist if you notice that the hydroquinone cream is not having any desirable effect on your skin. Dermatologists may be able to recommend a stronger formula to suit your needs better.

The Benefits of Hydroquinone Cream

Hydroquinone is a scientific wonder and if used properly, you can achieve the smooth and flawless skin that you’ve always wanted. The main benefits of hydroquinone are:

Gives an Even Skin Tone

In tropical countries and during the summer, sunburns are very common, and skin discoloration is a common problem. Spend a great day at the beach, and you might end up getting sunburnt and mess up your skin. Curing this naturally takes a long time and is a hassle.

Applying hydroquinone skin brightening creams can assure a speedy recovery and give an even tone to your skin. Hydroquinone lightens the skin pigment and brings back its initial color and pigmentation.

Gets rid of Dark Spots, Age Spots, Freckles, and Melasma

Several hormonal changes in your body may result in the development of dark spots. Excessive exposure to the sun’s unforgiving UV rays may cause age spots and freckles.

Even though hydroquinone cream can help you get your clear and even skin, you must be careful, and not overuse it. Nothing is good, when overused. Another pigment disorder, melasma, is often seen on the face. Doctors usually recommend hydroquinone cream as effective medication against this condition.

At the moment, there are innumerable options of hydroquinone cream in the market for you to choose from. However, our choice is the Zenmed Skin Correct+, and we feel it provides far better results than its competitors. 

Zenmed Skin Correct+

Hyperpigmentation is quite a serious issue as it not only affects a person physically but also mentally. An even skin tone not only improves one’s appearance but also helps in boosting their confidence. The Skin Correct+ by Zenmed is the best solution possible for people with hyperpigmentation issues. It contains a wide array of ingredients that are known to be effective in fighting hyperpigmentation.

The hydroquinone content is lower than the permissible clinical levels, and you need not worry much about the possible side effects. The Zenmed Skin Correct+ formula contains only 2% hydroquinone, with the most effective concentration being around 4%.

You can get this product from your local stores or online certified pharmacies without any prescription. The results are quite evident within a week and are ideal for all skin types and tones. The non-greasy, cruelty-free formulation brightens, lightens, and diffuses skin tone to provide an even and smooth appearance.

This product is a viable choice for those suffering from mild to moderate cases of hyperpigmentation.

You don’t need to worry about skin pigmentation problems any longer, as hydroquinone creams are easily available in the market nowadays. You have a wide range of products to select from to treat your skin problems and flaunt your smooth and even skin.

Within the first few uses, you can notice lesser acne spots and smoother skin. It balances the pigmentation to provide an even tone and softens the skin. It enhances the skin by lightening it, reducing wrinkles, and moisturizing the skin. It hydrates the skin without any extra greasiness and its cruel formula makes it’s a viable choice for our environmental sustainability. Zenmed also offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case of failed results, making it a logical choice. Skin Correct + is a highly recommended product as it ensures a better skin tone and texture and has been proven to be effective. With the added benefit of the money-back guarantee, you can rest assured and use this product.

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